Hello, I’m Emma. I’ve been blogging on and off for a few years now, having first tried it out as a way of letting my long-suffering family know what I was up to as a young(ish) person travelling and working around the world solo in the noughties, after giving up my nice comfy magazine job in London. That was before everyone had social media accounts coming out of their eyeballs, and I used to sit for ages in internet cafes in all manor of far flung places, from Bulawayo to Byron Bay, uploading photos from a compact digital camera and swearing at the screen under my breath when, inevitably, whatever clunky pc I had managed to find eventually decided the files were too large and I was back to where I started.

Things have moved on quite a bit since then. I’m not quite so young(ish). I can blog anytime, anyplace, straight from the phone in my back pocket. Which is handy and also, somewhat less pressing as I am rarely found in exotic locations these days. Other than the school run in rural Buckinghamshire, of course, which is never anything less than ultra glamorous. And now that I’ve hung up my rucksack and settled down at my laptop, and the children (I have two) are at school, I’m hoping to use my blogging platform to share some of my writing and and other explorations in the world.

I work freelance as a content writer and editor, and have helped lots of businesses, big and small, to share their stories. Creating the right voice for your business is an important element of your brand identity, and optimising that can really help you to connect with your customer base or target readership. Words have always been my passion. Having studied literature at university, I achieved a Master’s Degree in Literature a shockingly long time ago and I love nothing more than making something as simple as letters on a keyboard come together to create something harmonious; something that sparks the imagination. In the past I’ve worked for national magazines, writing travel and editorial features. I’ve also worked as a social media specialist for a number of fantastic businesses, for whom finding the right combination of words and imagery is a vital and exciting component of telling their brand story.

These days I focus on wordsmithing, and that can be anything from penning a short story to interviewing a business owner for a profile piece, writing book reviews, travel features or putting together some juicy, SEO rich web copy. Until the kids get in from school, I can usually be found at the kitchen table, hair up, tapping away at my laptop and surrounded by bits of paper, never far from a cup of lukewarm tea.

If you are looking for someone who has a passion for words and an understanding of how to create that unique brand voice that is relevant to your publication or business then please drop me an email, I’d be more more than happy to have chat about what you need.

If you like books, words and reading, or if you have a fondness for family life, foraging, hugging trees and things things that are a bit offbeat, please come and visit me here now and again.


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